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There are a few techniques that people have used to apply the foam minoxidil. Find what works best for you.

Dispense the foam directly onto the face by holding the can vertically so that you don’t waste the gas. If you don’t hold it vertically you end up with liquid coming out, not foam. Let it dissolve a little on the face, then massage it in.

Shake 30 seconds so that when you spray it into the cap, it's a shaving cream consistency. Then using 1 or 2 fingers, massage into your beard area. It drys very quickly, and I've experienced no itch or irritation.

1.) Wash face with hot water (or take hot shower), then wash hands with cold water. 2.) Squirt out the foam into the cap half full. This is 1ml. Spraying into hands or directly on face will likely result in excess dosage. 3.) One finger in the cap half-full with minox foam, then apply it equally on face and massage vigorously on face until dry. 4.) Your face should be dry in less than a minute.

You can store the foam canister in room temperature. It does not need to be in the refrigerator or in the freezer. I shake the bottle and I spray the foam in the cup of the bottle about half of the cup. Sadly it won't last longer than a month depending on if you overuse it or if the foam turns to liquid depending on the room temperature. It could possibly last for a month. Next, I use a rubber glove because unlike the liquid minoxidil, the foam does not have a dropper, so we have to use our hands. This is done because I want it fully absorbed on my face rather than it absorbing on hands, thus less chances having hair on your hands. I use two fingers to grab the foam and dab it on the area where I want to apply it. When I apply the foam on the area, the foam evaporates because the temperature on the skin thus turns it into liquid. Dab or rub on the area. Last thing I do is I rub around the face. No need to wait until it dries. It will dry in less than 10 minutes. On a side note, you will smell the alcohol when you apply on the mustache area and will feel a burn around some areas especially near the month. This is all normal.

Half a cap was plenty. I usually even had enough to go back and add more to certain areas. Don't keep it somewhere warm. Keeping it somewhere room temperature is fine. Just fill the cap up half way, use one finger to apply it and rub it in. Obviously it helps if you keep your beard trimmed down short. It's also a good idea to use gloves so you get the most you can on your face instead of getting it absorbed into your fingers. Your bare hands can be a little warm which will often dissolve some of the foam before you even get it on your face.

Whether foam or liquid, it should stay on for 4 hours. Tests have shown 50% is absorbed in the first hour, and 75% by hour four.

You should try to keep it on a of an hour, or the application will be wasted. Bear in mind that this study was conducted on the scalp, which is less absorbent than the face. However, it is the most accurate information we have, so it should be treated as the standard amount of time.

Study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2395092

Summary: Four hours is recommended. Then rinse or wash if you'd like and apply a moisturizer if need be. .

We use the minoxidil treatment until the new hair that we have gained have matured into terminal hair . If you cease the minoxidil treatment before the SO® Halibut Womens Wedge Sandals PilLYEvG
have been replaced with coarse, mature hair, then that hair may fall out as if you never had them.

Terminal hair, on the other hand, are permanent. Even without the continued use of minoxidil, your new beard will continue to grow like any other beard . You should plan on using minoxidil for anywhere from six months to two years, minimum.

Three months enough for the vast majority of guys. If this is the case for someone, they are an exception and quite lucky.

Some people find that they need more time than one year for the vellus hair to be replaced with terminal. Every person is different, and there is no way for us to guess how long your body will need for all your new facial hair to mature. People using for less than 6 months often report losing their gains.

Summary: As long as it takes for the hair to mature. This is generally between one and two years, with six months being a fantastic, lucky individual. Assume you are not fantastically lucky, and have patience.

According to Rogaine, a clinical trial has shown some people may see results as early as 8 weeks (based on the scalp, of course). They go on to point out that it can take up to 16 weeks to see results. Just bear in mind, results will vary from person to person, so you should be patient.

As a rough interpretation, if you see before 8 weeks, you are on the upper end of the responsive scale. Anything longer than 16 weeks with zero gains may indicate you are what many call a “slow gainer,” but people can still see improvement past this point.

For perspective: 16 weeks = 3 months, 3 weeks.

As previously expressed, there is no real catch-all time frame for seeing vellus, or for hair maturation. Furthermore, this is based on the scalp and there are other factors that may play a part, but this is the best we can do to benchmark gains.

The majority of us using minoxidil for our beards report seeing the biggest improvements happening between months 2-3 and beyond. Patience is the key . Continued treatment brings continued new growth. You will not see all of your potential the moment you start seeing vellus sprout; more will come even months later.

Some report that growth seems to stall for a couple weeks to a month, and then proceed to burst out with new growth. It takes at least 90 - 112 days to get an idea of whether the product will work at all for an individual.

Summary: Give it a good 2-3 months before getting worried you're not seeing anything.

Minoxidil is mixed with an alcohol carrier and propylene gylcol, which are what is drying your face out. First, try to make it to four hours of having the application on, then wash or rinse your face. Afterward, feel free to apply a moisturizer.

The reason you want to apply your moisturizer after washing or rinsing your face is because you want it clean and flake-free. Water will help with the absorption of the oils contained in your moisturizing products.

If you cannot get past dryness, you may want to opt for foam. Very few individuals get dry face from foam minoxidil, and most do not need to moisturize whatsoever after the four hours have elapsed.

Summary: Rinse your face well after the application time has elapsed, then apply your moisturizer. Switch to foam if it gets to be too bad with liquid.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended. While rare and not necessarily documented, there may be rare cases of photosensitivity of the skin due to the minox.

If you have to go out into the sun, it is highly recommended to block the direct sunlight from hitting your face.

If you absolutely must, apply sunblock carefully to your face after the minoxidil has had some time to dry. It's not recommended, but it's better to be safe. If you work outside in the direct sunlight all day, consider only applying once per day, in the evening. Feel free to leave it on all night and moisturize in the morning.

It is vellus hair . Vellus hair is short, fine and soft hair that grows over most parts of the body, usually less than 2mm in length. Fully developed ( Shape Wedge Plateau Sandals AFA8GXbS
) hair is generally longer, coarser, thicker, and darker. For more information about hair development, see hair follicle .

Vellus do not become terminal; they must shed and be replaced with a terminal hair and pigmentation is only one criteria. Associating arbitrary timescales to the journey is pointless — it takes as long as it takes. Having a healthy, active lifestyle to ensure good hormone levels is recommended.

This is normal. The new hair is pushing out the old. Even if it occurs on your head, it will pass. This is part of the process and happen. For more information, see shedding .

Many use Kirkland Signature as it is the cheapest, but any brand containing 5% minoxidil is fine. More than 5% may be a health issue, and less seems to yield less results. There is some efficacy to 10% being useful for those that are not responding well to minoxidil, but it needs to be a mixture without DHT blockers .

Click here to jump down to a full list of minoxidil brands.

Liquid is cheaper and takes about 1 hour to dry once applied. The foam tends to be twice the price (depending on location), but dries in about 15 minutes or less. Either is fine for getting beard gains. Foam will have your skin considerably less dry and itchy, however.

If you ask users, they tend to contradict each other. Liquid is known to be absorbed easier due to its propylene glycol content, but foam has been shown to work just as well. Your mileage may vary.

It is recommended that after the hair is terminal, which can take anywhere from six months to two years, you begin to taper off. It's not necessary, and plenty of people just stop suddenly with no loss of gains, but it doesn't hurt. In a way, people tend to start tapering off without realizing it, as we get less motivated the closer we are to our end point.

There's no standard way of tapering, simply do as you wish and start applying less weekly once you know you're ready to end the journey.

From what we've seen, most people do keep their growth. What people seem to lose is vellus hair that did not transition into terminal while on minoxidil. Keep using minoxidil until the hair is terminal, and your gains will stay. Don't quit too early, or you may find yourself starting the journey back up in a few months.

Your facial hair will grow like any other guy's so long as you've gotten it to the terminal stage. It should really not be referred to as a “minoxidil beard,” as that creates misconceptions.

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